Doğrular Group Corporate

About Us

The Doğru Family, which entered the construction in 1986, continues with its project studies in different provinces and according to different requests. One of the principles of our company is to establish a happy family home. With this understanding, our company continues its activities as a family company. Our company prioritizes people and aims to make them feel safe and peaceful. With the experience from the past and today's modern living standards with a social and economic perspective; We aim to be the right choice by blending our experience with QUALITY-CONFIDENCE-INNOVATIVE understanding.

Today, our company has turned into a group of companies that provide services in the field of insurance and fuel station, especially in construction.

Our Vision

To create living spaces that will be an example for other companies that respect nature and people as a result of blending knowledge and experience, with a strong partnership structure, and that can appeal to everyone who stands out with their peaceful, safe and social opportunities.

Our Mission

  • People first
  • Quality
  • Service mentality
  • Secure
  • Innovative
  • Aesthetics
  • Loves competition
  • Fast and dynamic staff
  • Sustainability

A happy family home that emerged as a result of kneading all of them with the understanding of perfection

Why Us?

As the Doğru Family; To take the right steps with the desire to bring a new perspective to the sector with the experience and training we have received since 1986.

Customer happiness is the best project for us.

We provide after-sales support for 2 years against the problems that may occur after production in the housing area in our projects.

Our Group Companies